Swimming pool of inside warmed

Here are the first photos of our swimming pool of inside. Our swimming pool is opened since Thursday, May 29th, 2014. Opening hours are of 10heures at 8 pm.
Hanging it crenels, she is accessible by all the people staying in our hosts' house.
The price is included in the price rate of the room. ( No supplement)

That it rains, that it is windy, that it snows, no matter our warmed, open swimming pool of inside all year long, will lead to forget to you the bad weather. (You know that in Normandy there is always of the sun!)


In the room where is situated the swimming pool, we give a shower and one toilets.
For the comfort of feet, beaches are wooden.
Sunbathings are at arrangement.


Dimension of the pond and the quality of the water

The pond is 10 meters X 5 meters.
Hisdepth is of 1,50m. The bottom is flat.

The temperature of the water is 29 degrees.
The water of the pond is not chlorinated. It is a swimming pool sea water.

So as to keep a good quality of the water, we ask the people who come from the beach or who have products solar energy on the body to take a shower. (A shower is at arrangement)

The people reached by eczema or other skin disease cannot reach our swimming pool.

Our swimming pool is declared meadows of the services of the public and environmental health ( D.D.A.S.S) one twice a month, this service department proceeds to a water sampling with analysis.




The swimming pool has to remain a place of leisure and relaxation. Of this fact we ask to the parents to accompany their children. IT is forbidden to the children to reach alone in the swimming pool.

Our swimming pool is not watched. We ask you to remain careful.
On no account our responsibility can be engaged. 


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